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LG High Capacity Duffle Bag / Backpack

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A traveler exudes a casual sophistication that's difficult to put into words. However, when you see one, you just know! The same holds true for a great travel bag.

This High-capacity, multi-purpose, duffle bag is exactly the kind of functional, resourceful attributes that seasoned travelers look for and hold true to

You'll absolutely love the design, feel and multiple usages of this travel bag. Whether you're traveling through Europe, Road-tripping through the Northern Treck, or on a weekend getaway, this bag is exactly what you'll need and want to travel with ease, comfort, and style! 

Made from durable 99% cotton, canvas and heavy, vintage colored, hardware. With plenty of pockets, space, and a charging station for your technology you'll want to take this bag with you everywhere.

Due to high demand on this item, please allow for 2 to 3 weeks delivery time.