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Youth and children all around the world are facing increased vulnerabilities, abandonment, abuse, poverty, sex trafficking, and displacement. We have been called to help love, empower, equip and rise up a generation in the region of Mendoza, Argentina. The Quinta Betel Children's Home is where you can help us alleviate such tragedies for generations to come. 

Through skill-based after-school education programs and tons of love, we look to help a generation of youth rise up to be the salt and light of their communities, forever breaking vicious cycles.

All children deserve real agape (unconditional) love, safety, education and hope for the future. We believe that with our call and your support, together we can provide all of this for these children and beyond.

We are a boots on the ground organization, building bridges between the community leaders and donors to the future of our children at Quinta Betel. Humanity Del Sol, Inc. works directly with Quinta Betel on the property to ensure that all programs help to keep the children safe and protect their rights, every step of the way.  

Show these children that their lives — and futures — matter. Show them that they have not been abandoned, but rather they have been chosen to be shown immeasurable love by countless family members around the globe. 

Donate now so Humanity Co., Inc can help the growing number of children entering the Quinta Betel orphanage. 

When you make a gift to Humanity Co., you’ll join us in our mission to raise up generations long devastated and help them to become the light and salt of the world.

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*For every donation made to Humanity Del Sol, Inc., we pay the transaction and processing fees. To help us cover these costs, and maximize your gift for Impact Capacity Building Programs to the Quinta Betel Orphanage we provide you with the option to cover these fees.

Humanity Del Sol, Inc. d/b/a Humanity Co. is exempt from tax under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and qualifies for the maximum charitable contribution deduction by donors. Our Federal Identification Number is 46-1207198.