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Child Sponsorship Plus

Child Sponsorship Plus

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This child sponsorship package is the entry level package.  Your funds will sponsor a child's rehabilitation and after-school creative education program.

    1. You will get to know your child through written and digital communication, along with a private group setting.  
      1. The after school programs that you are sponsoring include but are not limited to:
        1. Art Exploration & Expression
        2. Bible Study
        3. Bread Making
        4. Play Therapy
        5. Skill-based Education i.e. Sewing
        6. Scholastic Tutoring


    1. As a child sponsor you'll receive:
      1. A quarterly giving statement  
      2. An annual impact statement
      3. A Bio of the child (children) you are sponsoring
      4. Photos of your child (children)
      5. Monthly updates
      6. Members only group access (meet other sponsors and donors)