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Traveling with ME - Meet Your Host

Mariagrazia Lauricella began her journey in the development industry at a young age. However, it was her love of travel and culture that led her to become a social entrepreneur. She is the founder of Humanity Del Sol, Inc., a 501 C 3 nonprofit dedicated to helping to change the lives of children and youth of high trauma through mentorship, livelihood education and alternative therapies funded by our trips and products.

Mariagrazia sees a world where culture and self-exploration intersect beautifully with helping of the greater humanity.  Where a consumer is ethically encouraged to purchase socially conscious experiences without sacrificing quality.

Mariagrazia is Sicilian-born, with roots that stretch far into Italy’s history. She is a self-proclaimed, “travel addict” and "foodie". She has checked off ‘travel around the globe’ from her bucket list but still remains to check off, "step into every country in the world". 

She has coordinated dozens of intimate, international events and "trip of a lifetime" for hundreds of people. To learn more about her through the testimonials you can google Humanity Del Sol. You can also learn more about her professional history by visiting her LinkedIn.

As an outdoor enthusiast, lover of music, dance, art, food, local indigenous artistry, and wine, one can be certain that any experience Maria creates will have her signature travel ‘must haves’ attached to their journey. 

Mariagrazia is delighted in helping to move humanity’s light forward by vetting and partnering with organizations often dealing with children, youth, and women.
She is the curator, host and personal concierge on the Sicily, Italy, and  Mendoza, Argentine retreats.

You can follow Mariagrazia via Instagram, and Facebook to learn more about who she is and where her heart lies. Please feel free to contact Mariagrazia directly to learn more about her exclusive experiences. 813-658-8211