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About Us

Humanity Del Sol, Inc. a non profit dedicated to breaking the cycles of abuse, abandonment and poverty through life-skills education and alternative therapies programs. We are a small, grass-roots organization with big, purpose-driven goals. 

Humanity Co. also known as Humanity Retreats is committed to providing you with the trips and products that surpass all expectations. Humanity Retreats hosts culturally immersive and impactful holidays that will change your life. While Humanity Co. creates micro-business through products and services developed in the regions we serve for the people we serve.  

The Humanity team is a small group of social entrepreneurs, who just like you, love adventure, experiences, quality of life and are all about taking a social stance for the things we care about. 

All of our trips and products provide percentages back to incredible, noteworthy organizations. Our FEATURED beneficiary organization is located in Mendoza, Argentina,Quinta Betel. You can visit the children yourself, learn more here. 

Our trips generate a positive impact. You will be proud to share with others and talk about for years to come. 

"I have never experienced travel with such unparalleled excellence. Mariagrazia planned the perfect blend of luxury, relaxation, pampering and calm, The smile never left my face, the awe never left my eyes and the feeling will never leave my soul." - Terri L. 

Please let us know if you have any questions, suggestions or ideas. We would love to hear from you! 

MGL@HumanitydelSol.org or Speak to a travel host directly +1 (813) 658 - 8211