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Humanity Retreats' international journeys are more than a vacation, more than just an opportunity to travel to unspoiled places. They are the most immediate way to experience the blend of culture and philanthropy that makes the Humanity lifestyle all that it is, purposeful, intentional, thoughtful, filled with passion and culturally influenced. Travel with us and gain fulfillment doing something you're passionate about in an extraordinary landscape with extraordinary people and for an extraordinary cause. 
These trips are for people who don't just want to pose in front of a monument to say they've been somewhere. These trips are for those who want to know the land by discovering its people, customs, and heritage. These trips will sew the threads of a culture into your soul. 
Humanity Retreats Underground Edition blends outdoor activities with locals only spots, cuisines and communities you wouldn't find on your own. We infiltrate the locals because we intimately know them. We are a part of the family. In every destination we feature, we either have family there or have become so close to the locals that we are treated like family.
Pull up a seat and discover with us on this trip of a lifetime.
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