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Why Writing A Bucket List Is So Important & How To Write Your List...

Why Having A Bucket List Is So Important!

“The Bucket List” is a phrase that’s been around awhile but entered the common vernacular in 2007 following a film of the same name, starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman...I highly recommend. 

After asking with a bunch of people about the act of creating a bucket list I realized that it isn't as commonly known as I initially thought.  


  • Helps you learn or rediscover yourself
  • Reminds you that you do have dreams and they are accomplishable 
  • Excites you enough to get you to start planning ahead and making experiences a priority over materialism....(this will transfer into other areas of your life.) 

Building your Bucket List

I created a bucket list when I was about 18 years old. And I'll tell you what...it has grown year after year. Sure I scratch things off, but the more I do the more I desire to keep experiencing.

I Hiked across Hong Kong...this was nuts and totally unexpected...I never thought I'd get around to doing this

It keeps me on my toes, keeps me curious and grateful. I can look at the list and feel so thankful to have seen or experienced something that I thought I may never get around to doing. Which encourages me to believe that I can achieve ALL my goals, bucket list or other.

An important note to remember is that my list remains malleable rather than carved in stone. Checking items off and adding new ideas is rewarding and fun, and strengthens me.

1. Start with places you'd like to experience

2. Add more specificity to the destination, this will make it a more realistic opportunity. i.e. Paragliding in the Andes Mountains or Sailing the Aeolian Islands

3. Dreams or goals that you let go of...for instance on my bucket list I still have listed, "Graduate with my Master's Degree from Polimoda". Although I was already accepted into the school I wasn't able to attend at that moment...but that doesn't mean it is forever gone. 

4. Almost forgotten tasks that would feel so gratifying if you achieved. 

5. Charity work, or something you've always wanted to participate in

You could rank your list i.e  “Must Do,” “Hope to Do,” and “It’d Be Nice to Get To” to prioritize and make your list manageable...(I haven't done this yet...but I do have a top 5 list)

And then make your bucket list a priority by regularly planning for your next adventure or goal.

YES it’s really that important to collect memories instead of regrets.

If Argentina, Italy, Mendoza, Sicily, Paragliding, Whitewater rafting (class 5), Wine Tours, High-end vacation, Helping Orphans, Creating an Art Therapy program for high-trauma children, cooking classes in Italy or Argentina, Sailing the Aeolian, Island Hoping the Mediterranean, Staying in a luxury villa with an infinity pool, outdoor thermal springs, feeding families in need....any of these are on your bucket list and would like to speak with me to see how you can satisfyingly scratch it off your list...I'd be pleased to meet with you. Please schedule a meeting with me here. 


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