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What beauty to behold in our American Flag!

Proud American, The beautiful flag of the United States of America

Isn't Our Flag Beautiful! 

Being an Italian, Sicilian in America was all I ever knew. I knew I was different but in Queens, NY we're all different. It wasn't until I was 17 and headed back across the 'pond' from my birth land of Sicily when I discovered just how non-American I was. It's taken 15 years of travel, self-exploration, and God to realize, I'm now more American than ever before. And sure as heck proud of it!  

I've taken the liberty in curating a collection of images that represent what I believe to be true of the USA, the optimistic aspect of our country. The symbol and beauty that holds steadfast in the Flag of The United States of America. Please enjoy the collection I've put together and what I've grown to appreciate so tenderly. Have a safe Independence Day celebration!

As well, I'd love to see any images or stories of your favorite parts of the USA.

p.s. of course, I'm biased to my roots. After all, I was raised in NYC.

The world trade center on the 4th of JulyPhoto by Collin Armstrong


Symbol of the American Spirit. The EaglePhoto by Sue Tucker


Vintage American flagsPhoto by Jakob Owens


New York City, Capital of Dreams, Independence, Freedom, successPhoto by Frank Kohntopp


American farm land. God's country The United States of AmericaPhoto by Aaron Burden


Brooklyn bridge, symbol of independence. Great Bridge of AmericaPhoto by Josh Wilburne


Ariel vie of The United States of America. Nasa photoPhoto by NASA


I will not cease in prayer for our great country. Please join me, we need prayer. Never stop believing in our founding father's declaration and never stop believing in the great people of our nation.

"We are one country, under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all."


Thank you for your respectful comments and additions to this blog piece. Happy Independence Day America!


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