To know you is to love you...Blessed to know this about you... – Humanity Retreats

To know you is to love you...Blessed to know this about you...

If you're reading are an incredibly special person to me. You have a calling on your life that is far beyond yourself. It's no coincidence that you're reading a blog on a site called Humanity Retreats, the travel program of the company Humanity Co. and non-profit Humanity Del Sol. 

If you're reading this, we probably met in person already. We shared a commonality in wanting to do something good for the people around us and for those we don't know yet. And because this movement is still in its infancy I can speak to you personally knowing you individually. 

This is why I can tell you how blessed I feel to know you. To those of you that support me by reading my content and sharing my trips, videos, and posts, you are the ones out there, actively making a difference in someone's life.

Like Amanda Nelson she coaches recovering addicts to health with love and a system she developed through her own recovery process. She daily inspires people through her unique and perfectly her way. Patched Wangs is changing and saving lives every day. 

Recovery for addiction with loveI'm blessed to know that you like she is selfless, that you work hard and with excellence. I'm thankful to see charity in your lives. I am humbled to hear the stories of how you give to others. How your act of kindness changed someone's perspective on life. 

Many of you know that wine is an art form that I highly appreciate. Jerry Stephen wine importer and producer of Ascent Wines goes down to Haiti to support the woman and orphans of The House of Blessings. Him and Chris Cox, one of the leading founders selflessly give and love through this one such act of kindness. These are the kind of people that are reading this post with you! 

This holiday season I'm blessed to know you. If you're reading this...I know your heart! I know who you are and how you deeply desire to help others. You inspire me and I cannot thank you enough. Thank you! 

Keep being the change. Keep challenging yourself to move forward further than you thought possible. Keep the grateful heart that you have and continue to smile to the strangers walking down the street...because you make all the difference. 

People like Amanda De Jesus a nurse in NYC. She is a voluntary Director now for a community of orphans in Rwanda, All in For Rwanda. She goes year after year, building schools, relationships, and bonds with the children and community changing them forever. She loves them like her own family now. 

And please do not get me wrong, you don't have to leave the country or work with people all over the world to make a difference. Take for instance Marisa Santino, after work she reads books to a local Tampa Bay group of mentally handicap adults. They absolutely adore her...selfless love! And she doesn't tell anyone that she does this. 

These and so many others are what help to give me the courage to keep on taking one step at a time. Because all of our callings are greater than ourselves!

I can highlight so many of you but I'd keep you here forever....I just need you all to know how blessed I am to know your hearts!   

Thank you for being supporters of my movement, staying curious and joyful in loving others...

See the World and Change the World.... after all, we too are all connected!

Happy Thanksgiving!!! 



  • You are truly a Jesus girl and on fire for God! A true inspiration to those around you! Keep going Maria! God is not finished with you !

  • Happy Thanksgiving! Blessed to know you!

  • I’m unbelievably blessed to know you sister. This is an amazing piece. Thank you for taking the time to share it.


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