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The Scent of Summer

We've known for some time now that scent is directly linked to both memory and elevated brain activity. So naturally when my partner Dina Georgoulis and I set out to create an unforgettable retreat of a lifetime (only 20 seats available!) to her hometown in Greece, we began to look into what emotional factors play into such an epic journey. 
If you know Dina, one might accurately allege that she is an unabashed devotee of Young Living's therapeutic grade essential oils. When Dina and I play in her goody bag, containing dozens of oils, I’m always able to find just the right selection to balance me out, as it were,  and provide whatever it is I may need at that particular time. Emerging from these playful interludes, was the germination of the idea to pair, through word and phrase, the essential oil that most conjured the essence of our retreat.
So when you think of vacationing in Greece or holidaying on arguably the finest beaches in the world, what comes to mind? May well be some of the following:
- Relaxation
- Fresh air
- Salt water
- Great sleep
- Weight loss (well, everywhere but Italy)
- Rejuvenation
The list is boundless, of course. Especially if you’re someone like me who see's travel as one of life's essentials. 
During subsequent visits, Dina and I would further our association exercise by coupling fragrances that remind us of our past travels to Greece and Southern Europe.
Our list went something like this:
- Sea salt
- Lemon
- Warm bread (especially in Italy)  P.S., - in an instant, I was famished!
- Sun screen
- A freshness that we could only describe as Joy
As we looked through her arsenal of goodies in the form of essential oils, we went through most of them only to keep returning to one, in particular.
We’d finally found it. After much, not at all arduous, employment of our ol'factory senses, Dina and I concurred on that special and singular essential oil that most reminds us of our destination region in NW Greece.
The benefits of the oil we have chosen to represent our Greece Retreat are varied, numerous and valuable.
They are as follows:
1. Stress Reduction 
2. Mitigating Negative Emotion
3. Increasing Concentration 
4. Improved Sleep
5. Immunity Boost (great for traveling)
6. Wrinkle Reduction
7. Metabolic Function Enhancement
8. Skin Cleanse
9. Soothing to the lower GI (again, great for traveling)
10. Insect repellant
11. Anxiety reduction
The therapeutic grade Lemon scent essential oil that we chose to represent our Grecian retreat helps promote what we strive to help our guests achieve, by and through, this unparalleled experience to be.
By joining our retreat, your stress will be reduced and any negative emotions vanquished. Upon your return to home, work, and life, you’ll be empowered by renewed focus. While with us, you’ll sleep like a baby in your 5-star resort and enjoy superior health and culinary delights, with non-GMO food. Days will be as active or serene as you desire them to be. Robust excursions are planned, while daily yoga and meditation can be enjoyed to your heart's desire. However you customize your journey, it will all be enjoyed under the blanket of golden sun and cloudless blue skies, as the only summer in Greece can furnish.
Upon arrival in September (some seats available, but going quickly), you’ll enjoy a great many gifts to accompany you. Among them, naturally, will be your very own bottle of Young Living's Therapeutic Grade Essential Lemon Oil.  All one needs to do, to best gain all of our retreat’s benefits, is, uncoil the cap, place 2-3 drops on your wrists, rub together and inhale the heavenly aromas.
I’d like you to take advantage of our Summer Group Sale event. Right now, you and a friend can have a private balcony on an all-inclusive 7-day retreat
 To purchase Therapeutic Grade Lemon Essential oils, please click here  and email us and we will give you a special discount! 

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