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Recommended Readings Before You Travel to Sicily!

Many of us are making the trek over the pond and to my homeland of Sicily this September. Therefore, I've decided to put together a small list of books and movies to watch for my group that I absolutely love. Not only will they get us in the right mindset to begin this journey but it will give our imaginations a workout. Journeying into the parts unknown, Sicilia.  As I sent this list their way I figured that these literary marvels and cinematic stunners, allow for anyone staying stateside, to journey through time and to the island of Sicily as well. Just for much cheaper! 

Here is my recommendation on BOOKS to read & FILMS to watch before you travel to Sicily.

1. Just One Scent The Rest is God, by Piero Rivolta-Barberi (poetry); expression of life through passion filled Italy and Sicily
2. Stolen Figs and Other Adventures in Calabria, by Mark Rotella (novel); exploring his roots as an adult
3. The Wine-Dark Sea, by Leonardo Sciascia (short-stories); explores the world of organized crime on the island. 

Films: "The rich emotional, psychological and physical landscapes of Sicily have inspired some of the world's best filmmakers." - Lonely Planet
1. Cinema Paradiso (1988) - A must watch, autobiography
2. Life is Beautiful ((1997) - Exquisitely showcases the spirit of the Italian people. 
3. Johnny Stecchino (1991) - Comedy at its finest 

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If you have any books or films please leave a comment! 

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