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Does Everyone Over Pack? My BIG Stupid Mistake...

This photo is a bit overdramatic. But you better believe all of this came with me to Argentina! Those trips are very different as we pack to provide for an orphanage of 30 children. 

With the holidays just around the corner and almost everyone is making their annual pilgrimage back home to their festivities…packing is a big deal right now.  

I wasn't always an expert in packing. 

In fact, when I went on my first 3-month backpacking adventure I didn't have the first clue about how to pack. 

I'm going to share a personal story with you about one of my early failures. 

It's a little embarrassing to share, but I believe it will inspire you.

This was my first real backpacking trip. 4 months into the Central American country of Costa Rica and I couldn't have been more excited. 

So I purchase my 100 L. backpack and tell myself I can't over pack because I'm going to bring home just about everything. 

Well, it's the night before and I'm staring at a huge overstuffed backpack. I don't really think much of it because...I'm traveling for 4 months, I'll need all of it. 

Sure enough 2 weeks into the trip, I barely used any of my clothing! And I had 3.5 months lefts to travel and couldn't stand lugging that big ol' bag around. I'm telling you walking across the Costa Rican and Panamanian board is no joke, let alone doing it with 60 lbs. on your back. I was sweating so bad from nerves and sheer endurance. 

Throughout the trip I would leave clothing in hostels and still by the time I returned back to the states, I barely wore half of what was in my bag! 

I learned an incredibly valuable lesson during this trip. While I was lugging around all the extra 'baggage' I realized how little one really needs. The lesson for me was to pack simple, classic, solid, functional pieces that could be worn in a variety of ways. It's all you need. All the extra, will slow you down, weigh you down and cause nothing but headaches during transport. 

Kind of like life. 

Trust me, if I can pack for a month in Europe in a small bag, so can you! 

In fact, you even have it better than me. You can bypass all the trouble I went through by simply learning from my mistakes. 

When you travel with me you receive my packing list. 

I laid out a safe and sensible plan for you here. 


In the meantime....have an awesome holiday and be smart about your know you want to save room for all the goodies you get to bring home. ; ) 


Please leave any comments, feedback or encouragement. I love you guys! 


Mariagrazia Lauricella

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