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A Father's Love Changes the Trajectory of History

Father's Day Already Past?!?!

Guess What? I don't care that it already past.

In fact, here is something you may not know about me. I used to always forget to mail cards out in time for them to be delivered to their intended addresses. Then one day when I received a birthday card belated by about 2 weeks I recognized how much more joyful it was to receive it.

Furthermore, I've removed any expectation that card makers have placed on me and fully express my love and appreciation when I want to and how I want to. Now I intentionally celebrate or acknowledge these 'holidays' a few days maybe even weeks out. Don't get me wrong, I always call on the day of but the card...this is an art form that I fully embrace.  

And if you're not a part of the handful that read my posts and really know who I am, well, you're about to understand one of my core attributes. The love I have for my earthly Father is fierce. It is straight-up, Sicilian kinda love.

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