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8 most common objections to Travel

How do you make a trip to Sicily a reality? 

I've heard every objection under the sun as to why someone cannot travel. I'm sure you've even tried to justify why you couldn't go on 'the' trip. All the while you're screaming inside to experience something authentic, all your own. 

The 8 things to do so that you can make your dream trip to Sicily come true!

1. Get time off - from work. You think that the company will totally fail if you're not there but it won't! And if it does well, then I'll introduce you to my husband who can coach you or the owner. Here is an article that proves travel increases profits and productivity!

    • If you are seriously interested in our trips then you will only have to request 5 - 6 days off.  i.e. Sicily trips Aug. 31st (to fly) — Sep.9th. or Sep. 8th (to fly) — Sep. 17th (for an extra day off)2.

    2. Save money or just use the money you've been saving for a 'rainy' day. If you use that money for a trip, when that rainy day comes you'll be able to laugh remembering why you don't have the money in the first place and it won't seem so bad.

    • Or just call me and we can work out a payment arrangement and a savings plan.
    • Prioritize spending.

    3. You may not have a passport, no big deal! Go to google, search for, 'nearest post office to apply for passport' hit enter and you'll be set! Apply for your passport and have it expedited if necessary). 
         *If you have a passport, check if it's more than 8 months away from expiring before your travel date then you're fine. 

    4. You don't know if anyone will go with you? Ask your friends if they'd like to go and if no one says yes and immediately takes action then DROP THEM and keep planning. If you wait for others you will never do anything you really want to do. Anyway, it's your bucket list, not theirs and by the end of this trip, you'll have made enough friends and memories to last you a lifetime!  

    5. You've already been to Italy, WHO CARES! Bottomline is that you've never been to Sicily. They have different terroirs, history, languages, foods, and you didn't have someone like me as your host.😉

    6. Please understand that even though our trips are in groups of 10, know that I myself, adore my alone time and respect wholeheartedly the importance of having downtown. I build it into our trips. 

    The villas we rent are spectacularly big and have tons of nooks and crannies so you can chill alone or with the group.

    7. Don't listen to the media or try and figure out if where we are going is safe from terrorism, political upheaval and so on. If you feed into this fear you're never going to do anything. And something else to note, my trips are designed in regions that are rarely traveled to.😄

    8. Schedule a meeting with me so I can help you either join one of our trips or to navigate Sicily easier. It's my passion to share with you how to make the most of Sicily. 

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