60 Second Vacation - Curated Photo Gallery – Humanity Retreats

60 Second Vacation - Curated Photo Gallery

Coasts tell stories of ancient voyages. Epic in both scope and scale. The mediterranean sea has a coastline rival to none. In the gallery below you'll see some of the perimeters, anterior, and interiors. Enjoy a slice of heaven today. 
Our exclusive villa in Marsala, Sicily. Located on the West coast of the island.

Photographer - Anonymous 

the oceans of italy
Eye of a Needle
Photographer - Yoal Desurmont
Travel to greece
Photographer - Christoffer Engstrom
views of siciliy
Photographer - David Zawila
Photographer - Aidan Meyer
Sicilian Street market street food
Market Ziplock.
Photographer Anonymous
Sicilian street art
Photographer - Roman Kraft
Photographer - Alexander Leonhardt
Photographer - Kidizin Sane 
what to do in sicily
Into the See
Photographer - Bertrand Zuchuat
All of the images can be experienced when you join me.  I want to thank all of these exquisite photographers. They all said yes to their calling and captured the journey's that changed their lives. I hope these images inspire you and motivate you to say yes to your next adventure. 
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