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4 Reasons Why Traveling Increases Profits According to Forbes & Oxford Economics

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Okay, so we all know that I love a vacation or two or three a year. However, I didn't realize how significant the implications of vacations were to my work productivity until I now. 

Forbes Magazine featured a study conducted by Oxford Economics that highlights the effects of vacation time and travel on a company's bottom line. The results are staggering!

Most people I know are highly successful entrepreneurs and CEOs of amazing companies. Commonly when we share a cup of coffee we almost always talk about creative new projects, ideas and somehow we inevitably get on the topic of my travels and trips, as if living vicariously through me. Yet they have the resources to do what I do or at the very least join me on my trips, but they never do. 

Proclaiming states such as, "I can't take the time off", "I don't have the time", " We are so busy at work, I can't take a week off", "I wish I could," and so on and so on. So what I'm hearing over and over again is that taking a vacation or any time off will hurt the business. I'm hearing that you don't make 'time-off' a priority in your life. Every year you write your goals out, plan your annual, quarterly strategies, etc. yet you never plan for your entitled, your rightful time-off. According to Project Time-off,  

A majority (52%) of workers who say they set aside time each year to plan out their vacation days take all their time off, compared to just 40 percent of non-planners.

So if it's a matter of planning out your vacation, STOP PROCRASTINATING! Stop feeling bad about taking off. Stop making excuses, and making yourself a martyr and start making time for you, your family and friends. Your bottom line will prove that you made the right decision. Oh, and those that plan for their time-off show significantly higher numbers in every category measured for HAPPINESS in every aspect of life! 


Me in Greece.

Thankfully, I now have data that proves your non-action, non-prioritization of vacationing will damage and hinder your business objectives. And finally, I can call you all to the table! 

Here are the 4 Reasons why you must take an annual vacation and encourage your team to do so as well. 

Annual Vacations Lead To:

1. Higher Productivity - output from your employees and yourself increases dramatically. Resulting in more than $160 BILLION increase in total business sales!!!!! 

2.  Stronger Morale - resulting in a $73 billion output for the U.S. economy and positive impacts for both employees and businesses.

3. Greater Employee Retention 

4. Significant Health Benefits - travel generates stronger antibodies and boost your immune system significantly. Travel lowers stress levels, thusly lowering inflammation in your brain, which results in a healthy cellular makeup and lowers risk of disease. Travel improves your brain health and decreases the risk of heart disease.

I mean, if these facts alone aren't enough to shake you and wake you, then I don't really know what will. Your life depends on it, your profits depend on it. 


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